CSWAB’s goal is to build a sustainable future which will preserve, and where possible, restore the integrity of natural systems – including soils, water, air, and biological diversity.

Badger Army Ammunition Plant

Merrimac, WI

Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger (CSWAB) advocates for cleanup and removal of toxins in and around the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant. The area is a Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) that is being cleaned up under the DoD counterpart of Superfund. As technical expert, ESC reviews reports on ecological and human health risks, advising the best course of cleanup action. ESC has considered the health effects of the breakdown products of DNT, a man-made, cancer-causing chemical used in explosives, and how they might affect the area’s drinking water as well as deer population.

Recently, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulators determined that the U.S. Army’s plan to install a municipal water system, as proposed, will not adequately meet environmental protection laws. Under the army’s proposal, active treatment of contaminated groundwater will be discontinued.


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources project site.

Pictures from Peter’s recent trip to the site.

Read the full article for more details on the proposal and for CSWAB’s opinion on the issue.

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CSWAB update: The Badger Restoration Advisory Board is appealing the army’s denial of their request for a independent technical advisor, click here to read the press release.

ESC Documents

View ESC’s comments on the August 2012 Alternative Feasibility Study