This project involves the assessment and cleanup of PCBs in the Housatonic River. Unfortunately, other problematic chemicals have been found.

Housatonic River Cleanup

Pittsfield, MA

Environmental Stewardship Concepts served as technical advisor for this site, which is downriver from a GE plant that polluted the river with PCBs for many years. The full extent of the site covered portions of the river spanning from Pittsfield, MA to the Long Island Sound.

The cleanup was carried out under RCRA consent decree. While the majority of contamination was PCB related, other problematic chemicals have also been found to be present. This site posed direct and indirect risks to both human and ecological health.

On May 7th, 2011, a variety of participants, including concerned citizens, local government officials, planners, and environmental advocates, discussed potential Housatonic River remediation options at EPA’s Public Charrette. The Charrette included a series of hands-on workshops on the topic.

A Proposed Plan is scheduled for release this summer. Following an evaluation from the National Remedy Review Board, a recommended decision will be released for public comment.

September 18th, 2013-morning on the Housatonic River


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ESC Documents

ESC’s 11/18/2015 presentation on the Rest-of-River Remedial Plan

Results of an ESC, LLC literature search regarding Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) research from 2002 to present (2013), with specific attention to toxicological impacts on living organisms.

Peter’s 9/17/13 presentation on the options of leaving contaminants vs full removal
Biotech Restoration Presentation and offer-also at 9/17/2013 Community meeting

ESC presentation on Housatonic River Human Health Risk Assessment

Peter’s April 5 2012 presentation on PCBs

Peter’s March 24th 2010 PCB 101/102 presentation

ESC’s comments on the Housatonic River Corrective Measures Study Report, a document created by GE outlining the possible options to clean-up PCB pollution