Presentations on research Peter has been involved in.

Choose Clean Water Coalition Conference (June 4, 2014)
Peter’s Presentation

White Paper for the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council’s Amendment 15 on River Herring and Shad
White Paper Summary
Full White Paper
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission – Management Plans & Stock Assessments
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game – Fish Tickets
Brown and Terhune 2003 – Harbor seal abundance in Saint John Harbour
Buckel et al. 1999 – predation and juvenile striped bass loss
CT DEP 2007 Press Release – Prohibition on Herring Taking
deFur and Kaszuba 2002 – Implementing the precautionary principle
deFur and Menzie 2012 – Multiple Stressors
DiCosimo et al. 2010 – Using annual catch limits to avoid stock depletion
Gephard and McMenemy 2004 – Program to restore salmon to CT river
Hall et al. 2011 – Influence of dams on diadromous fish habitat
Heltzel et al. 2011 – Ecosystem-based management for protected species
Jones et al. 1978 – Fish Development
Kenney 2007 – Decline of River Herring and Need to Reduce Trawl Bycatch
Moring and Mink 2002 – Alewives as prey for white perch
Nedeau 2003 – Amazing Alewife
NOAA Fishery Management Plan Amendments
North Pacific Fishery Management Council – Fishery Management Plans
Pacific Fishery Management Council – Coastal Pelagic Species FMP
Palkovacs et al. 2013 – Prioritizing conservation efforts for herring
Reuter et al. 2010 – Managing non-target, data-poor species with catch limits
South Atlantic Fishery Management Council – Shrimp FMP Amendment 2
Walter et al. 2003 – Feeding habits of striped bass

Kauai, Hawaii testimony and supporting documents
Peter’s testimony at the county hearing
professional paper on birth outcomes and developmental effects of prenatal pesticide exposure
Popular Articles concerning Kauai Rally, March, and issues our September 10th FB post
Paper by Dr. deFur and colleagues on community vulnerability to ecological risk assessment
EPA White paper, of which Peter was a contributor, on Chemical stressors in Cumulative Risk Assessmentt
EPA’s Framework for Cumulative Risk Assessment

TiPED Green Chemistry Conference Presentations
Designing Against Endocrine Disruption
Wildlife Endocrine Disruptors