The Center for Justice is a nonprofit law firm dedicated to the experience of justice for those of limited or no resources. The Spokane River has become the main focus of the Center’s environmental protection efforts.

Spokane River PCB Contamination

Spokane, WA

Environmental Stewardship Concepts serves as technical reviewer for site remediation on contaminated sediments behind a dam on the Spokane River. The sediment contamination is principally PCB-related. As a result, fish advisories have been issued for the Spokane River, and locals are warned that eating the fish poses a threat to their health. Restoring the river to prior levels of ecological integrity is a primary focus of this remediation.

ESC has provided numerous comments on reports for the Center of Justice as well as a report on the effects of PCBs on fish health and the resultant consequences for humans that may consume them.


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ESC Documents

Factsheet regarding the constituents of concern for the Spokane River in Washington

July 2013-Exciting news out of Spokane, WA where a legal ruling has shut down the Spokane County Sewage Treatment Plant until better permits, more protective of PCB discharges, are submitted and approved. Congratulations to our friends at the Sierra Club and the Center for Environmental Law & Policy! It was a pleasure working with these dedicated groups, and we are pleased with the verdict. Click here for the official legal findings.