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Ward Transformer Superfund

Raleigh, NC

ESC serves as technical advisor for the Upper Neuse RiverKeeper on cleanup of the Ward Transformer Superfund Site located in North Carolina. The Ward Transformer Site is contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) as a result of industrial processing work. The PCBs have migrated down into the soil and along the creeks that drain the site. PCBs have also moved downstream to Briercreek Reservoir and Crabtree Lake. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced an official cleanup decision, known as a Record of Decision (ROD), in September 2008. Though cleanup has begun at some sites, the ROD does not include any plans for direct action in either Briercreek Reservoir or Crabtree Lake.


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ESC Documents

Some pictures from Peter and Jeff’s July site visit, starting with the top of the original site
At the bottom of the slope-viewing uphill
The cover over the TSCA soil
From point D to the BrierCreek Reservoir
Removal site by Estes
Removal site by Lumley Road
View toward Estes

PCBS, Your Health, and the Environment presentation given at community meeting held by the Neuse RiverKeeper Foundation.

Our comments on the Remedial Investigation for the Ward Transformer Superfund Site.

Comments on The Ward Transformer Superfund Site Operable Unit 1 Superfund Proposed Plan.

VIDEO: Presentation given to the Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation on PCBs.