The Passaic River is contaminated with a wide array of hazardous substances due to releases from a former pesticide manufacturing plant.

Passaic River

Environmental Stewardship Concepts is the technical advisor for the Passaic River Superfund Site. The Passaic is the longest river in New Jersey, and the sediments of the lower Passaic are highly contamintaed with many hazardous substances including PCBs, mercury, heavy metals, and dioxin, a byproduct of the Agent Orange manufactured by the Diamond Alkali Co. plant that operated along the river in the 1960s. Due to releases from the Diamond Alkali plant and several other manufacturing plants, fish, shellfish, and other aquatic organisms living in the Passaic River have been rendered unsafe for human consumption. EPA officials expect the Passaic River cleanup to be one of the largest federal Superfund projects in history.

In June of 2014, over 16,000 yards of contaminated sediment were removed from a six-acre mudflat along the Passaic. The EPA expects that the rest of the cleanup for the 17-mile stretch of river will take several years. ESC works with the New York/New Jersey Baykeeper and the Passaic River Community Action Group to ensure the most complete and efficient cleanup possible for the lower Passaic River.

2016 Update
The EPA and partner agencies plan to submit formal comments on the pre-final design in early January.


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Lower Passaic River Restoration Project

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ESC Comments on the Passaic River Proposed Plan