Spring Valley, a predominantly residential area of Washington, DC, is located on a former World War I chemical weapons development and testing site.

Spring Valley Cleanup

Washington, DC

Spring Valley is the site of a former World War I chemical weapons development and testing site where chemicals such as arsenic, mustard, and Lewisitte (among some 150 other chemicals) have been discovered.

Since 2002, Environmental Stewardship Concepts has been a technical advisor to the Restoration Advisory Board for the cleanup of the chemical weapons development and testing in this residential area of Washington, DC. Cleanup activities are being carried out under the FUDS program of the Department of Defense. The main human health risks are from arsenic found in the soil as well as buried chemical munitions and containers.

In May 2011, the Draft Final versions of the Remedial Investigation Report for 4825 Glenbrook Road and the Site-Specific Investigation Report for 4835 Glenbrook Road have been released to ESC and other Spring Valley partners. Partner comments on the drafts will be considered and addressed at the end of the comment period.

The Draft Final Site-Wide Feasibility Study was released to ESC and other Spring Valley partners in late 2015, and the Draft Final Site-Wide Groundwater Remedial Investigation report is anticipated to be released soon.


Below is information on OPFTIR (Open Path Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer) which is a monitoring technology used to detect specific chemical signatures.
EPA overview

Department of Defense Fact Sheet
Link to second Department of Defense Report

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4825 Glenbrook Road Road Demolition Update 2012\

Munitions and Explosives of Concern Hazard Assessment Interim Document from October 2008

ESC Documents

Peter toured the explosives destruction system and staging area on the federal property behind Sibley Hospital, 04/05/2010 . For pictures from the tour, click here.

Click here to view ESC’s official comments on the Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis for Munitions Disposal.

Comments on Work Plan for Human Health Risk Assessment for 4825 Glenbrook Rd. 11/24/10.

Site Specific Work Plan for 4825 Glenbrook Rd. 06/20/10.

Comments on Site-Specific Investigation Report
American University Public Safety Building 01/20/11.

Comments on the Draft-Final Risk Assessment Work Plan Public Safety Building, American University 02/23/11.

Comments on Spring Valley FUDS: Groundwater Study Work Management Plan 01/26/11.

Engineering Control Structure (ECS).