Terry Creek Dredge Spoil Site

The Terry Creek Dredge Spoil Area/Hercules Outfall Site consists of three disposal areas and the Hercules outfall. For over 30 years, Hercules, Inc. produced toxaphene, a chlorinated pesticide, at this Site. Throughout this time, wastewater containing toxaphene was discharged through an outfall ditch into Dupree Creek which flows into Terry Creek. Currently, toxaphene contamination is present in the outfall ditch sediments, Terry and Dupree Creek sediments, and the dredge disposal areas. Portions of Dupree and Terry Creek were dredged and placed in areas near the confluence of Terry and Dupree Creeks.

A Remedial Investigation was scheduled to be completed in 2011 which will provide information for the completion of a design of the site cleanup plan. At present, Fish Consumption Advisories are in place for Dupree and Terry Creeks and a maximum pollution limit applies to both. Additionally, a pollution limit for Polychlorinated Biphenyls applies to Terry


For more information about the Terry Creek Site visit the EPA website.